Setup Signal Messenger into Mobile Devices

Signal Messenger Setup in Mobile Devices

Signal Messenger — an open-source privacy-dedicated messaging application is available on all mobile devices. This page guides you on setting up a hardened settings of Signal Messenger into your mobile devices.

Download From Official Store

The first thing to do is to download the Signal Messenger app from the official store. Among them are:

Stores Link
Signal Messenger on Google PlayStore
Signal Messenger on Apple AppStore

Before blindly pressing the install button, please check the following important information is matching to avoid downloading a compromised version:

  1. The app is called Signal Private Messenger.
  2. The app developer:
    1. On Android = Signal Foundation
    2. On iOS = Signal Messenger, LLC
Verify Signal Messenger App Origin

Once done, install the app and launch it.

Granting Phone Permissions

Signal Messenger needs certain phone permissions in order to function properly. They are reasonable needs. You can explore the details of the required permissions (like why they need it) in their Permissions & OS Notification Settings.

Here, ZORALab recommends the following minimal permissions in order to use Signal Messenger in a sane manner.

Phone Permission

Signal Messenger offers:

  1. 1-to-1 Video Call
  2. Group Video Call

Hence, it obviously needs the phone call permission in order to facilitate this feature.

Camera Permission

Singal Messenger offers:

  1. 1-to-1 Video Call
  2. Group Video Call

Hence, it obviously needs the camera permission in order to stream your portrait or capture your image.

Contact List Permission

Signal Messenger requires access to your contact list mainly for your contact identification and also rejecting stranger’s calls. Otherwise, it would not know which incoming number is a person you know.

Hence, it would need access to your contact list permission.

Short Messaging Service (SMS) Permission

Signal Messenger switches itself to use SMS if the recipient is not a Signal user (See Send A Message | Signal Support). It also manages SMS and also to automate its SMS authentication verification.

Hence, it would need access to read and send SMS permission.

Local Storage Permission

Signal Messenger is often used to send attachment files to your recipient regardless it is a file, photo, video, and etc. Otherwise, you’re seriously limited only to messaging service.

Hence, it would need access to your local storage permission.

Grant device permission for Signal Messenger

Create Account based on Phone Number

Signal Messenger needs your phone number for account creation. Hence, it will validate your phone number via sms verification before proceeding to either create or load your Signal account.

Verify Phone Number for Create/Load Signal Messenger Account

Set Your Profile

Upon successful verification, you should setup your account profile when prompted.

Setup Signal Messenger Profile

Enable SMS Management (Optional)

It’s better to allow the Signal Messenger to manage SMS since they’re more benefits than not. One notable benefit where Signal Messenger extends its access security all the way to your SMS contents.

Enable SMS Management on Signal

Configure Advanced Privacy Protection Settings

Lastly, ZORALab recommends you to harden your Signal Messenger security by configure advanced privacy protection settings in order to ensure Signal reaches its full potential. To start:

  1. Select “Settings” > “Privacy”.
    Setup Signal settings
  2. Activate Screen Lock - Enables the app-specific screen lock as a second protecton against insider viewing. Fingerprint recognition is available for supported phone.
  3. Activate Screen Lock Inactivity Timeout - Ensures your data is always locked and safe when you are away and forgot to lock your Signal. 1 minute is suffice.
  4. Activate Screen Security - Prevent data leak via screenshots.
  5. Activate Incognito Keyboard - Prevent app-based keyboards from tracking what you’re typing.
  6. Activate Read Receipt - Ensure your message status so that you know when to delete.
    Configure privacy settings
  7. Activate “Advanced” > “Always Relay Calls” - Relaying calls to Signal server masks your call device’s IP address.
    Configure Advanced Privacy

Once done, you’re ready to use Signal Messenger with peace in mind.


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