Setup Signal Messenger into Desktop

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Signal Messenger does have a desktop application that allows you to perform messaging directly from your Desktop while synchonizing across your mobile phone as a detached device. This page guides you on setting up Signal Messenger into Desktop.

Download and Install The Signal Messenger Desktop

In order to install Signal Messenger Desktop, you need to download its app from By default, the website can guess your computer’s operating system and recommends the correct installer for you. Otherwise, you can change to other options right at the bottom of its guesses.

Download Signal Messenger on Desktop Installer

Once your downloader is completed and successful, you can proceed to install it into your operating system.

Launching Signal Messenger Desktop

Upon successful installation, you can launch your Signal Messenger Desktop. This application will generate a pairing QR code for your Signal Messenger on your mobile phone.

Signal Messenger on Desktop Ready to Link

Linking Signal Messenger on Mobile to Desktop Signal Messenger

The next step is to link both Signal Messenger on Mobile with your Signal Messenger on Desktop. This is done starting from your mobile side.

Open Settings in Mobile Signal Messenger

Link devices is a setting option. Hence, you should proceed to open your Settings in your Signal Messenger on your mobile device.

Open Settings in Signal Messenger on Mobile

Select Linked Devices Options

When the settings menu is shown, proceed to search for Linked Devices and then select on it.

Select Linked Devices Options

The next step is to create a new link device. To do that, you need to select “+” button to add a link device.

Add New Linked Device

Once the camera scanner is up and ready, it’s time to link both the mobile and your desktop devices. To do that, simply direct the camera on the mobile to scan the QR code presented on your desktop Signal Messenger.

Add New Linked Device

Name The Linked Device on Desktop

To ensure it’s easier to identify your linked devices across your mobile list, you can proceed to name the device with an appropriate name like work-laptop-brand or personal-laptop-brand. There are no rules or regulations so as long as you can recognize your linked devices, we’re good.

Add New Linked Device

Let It Sync And Ready For Use

At this point, both Signal Messenger on respective devices are syncing. It will take some times depending on your contact list sizes.

Please keep in mind that older messages will not be sync due to its security design. The syncing is mostly on contact list, inter-devices communications, and assigning the linked desktop device as a delegates. Hence, you should treat the Desktop Signal Messenger as an independent Signal app rather than expecting them to always sync with your mobile counterparts.

Sync between Linked Devices


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