Send A Message in Signal Messenger

Sending a message in Signal Messenger is definitely the first feature to use. Despite its clean and continuously improved user interface, there are so many ways to send messages. This guide shows the details on how to send a message in many ways via Signal Messenger.

Sending Basic Messages

Let’s start with basic message sending. All you need to do is to simply select the recipient (can be an individual or a group) and then:

  1. Type your message.
  2. Press the send button. If the send button is shown encrypted (with a lock), it means the receipient end is using Signal as well.
Send a simple message via Signal Messenger

Sending Disappearing Messages

Sometimes, you would want to set a timed auto-delete message that contains sensitive information like you’re sending password, evidences, and etc. This is where you would need to configure “Disappearing Messages” before sending.

To start:

  1. Head over to the recipient settings (the ) on the top right side of the recipient name. A menu will open up.
  2. Select “Disappearing Message”.
Toggle disapperance message settings in Signal Messenger

Upon selection, you will be prompted to select the time period for the message to exist. Select one that is appropriate (e.g. 1 hour or 15 min are good choices).

Once you’re done, save the setting.

Set disappearance message timing

You will notice the status of the recipient had changed to communicating with disapperance messages according to your timing. Moving forward, any messages you typed will disappear after the configured time period.

Set disappearance message timing

After sending your sensitive information, remember to set the disappearing message off. Otherwise, your recipient might get annoyed that you’re keeping secrets with him/her. The steps are the same as you set a timing (just look for “Off” which is usually the first item).

Your log will be updated with the mode has turned off.

Quoting A Previous Message

Signal Messenger allows you to quote a previous message seamlessly. Different devices has different method of quote a message.

Signal Messenger on Mobile

To quote a message on mobile version of Signal Messenger, simply press on the message and drag towards the right. The quoted message preview will appear on top of your message box.

Quoting a message via Signal Messenger in mobile devices

Signal Messenger on Desktop

To quote a message on desktop version of Signal Messenger, simply hover over the message. When the specific options appeared, you can select the quote () option.

Quoting A Message via Signal Desktop

Include Emoji into Message

In case you need to express your emotion via emoji, Signal Messenger has a built-in version for it. To do that, simply swap the keyboard will do. The emoji keyword will show up. You can also fill in animated GIF and other features. Once done, you can swap the keyboard back to normal keyboard for message typing.

Include Emoji into Message

Add Attachment into Message

Signal Messenger also allows you to add attachment into your message like photo, contact card, files, and etc. To do that, simply press the add attachment button (). Once you attachment drawer is out, you can select your attachment type and the file.

Include Attachment into Message


That’s all for “Send A Message in Signal Messenger”. You can send message via Signal Messenger in various ways. Should you have any question, please feel free to contact us by:

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